The Art of Music | Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Portable Speaker
August 16, 2014 Accessories
There was a time when people got together to hang out and listen to music. Before social media took over our lives, human beings were very much into organically social sharing, instead of social sharing virtually. Thanks to tech products like the UE BOOM Wireless Portable Speaker, you can bring music and friends together. Its versatile, go anywhere, 360-degree design allows you to take it anywhere you go and its water and stain resistant acoustic skin, 15-hour rechargeable battery keeps the party ongoing. To further celebrate bringing us together to listen to music, Ultimate Ears has introduced a range of Artist Edition and Limited Edition UE BOOM Speakers to amplify their expression.

The Artist Series designs include Jettison by legendary skateboard designer, Don Pendelton which features his colorful, 2-dimensional cast of characters in a limited edition organic cubist style print; Tippsy by renowned surf and skate designer Jason Maloney brings his unique street-inspired style and intoxicating characters in a colorful limited run print; and Blablobs by NYC street art legend Kenny Scharf, brings his joyful brew of pop abstract surrealism to the skin of the UE BOOM speaker.

Some of the available Limited Edition UE BOOM Portable Speakers, starting from the back and going clockwise are as follows: The Invisible Edition, an urban camouflage perfect for the concrete jungle; The Beautiful Game Edition celebrating the greatest game that, like the UE BOOM, brings people together; The Crystal Edition features a brilliant explosion of colored snowflakes; and The All Blacks Special Edition, which  celebrates the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team with the signature silver fern logo. The UE BOOM Wireless Portable Speaker is made to rage, riot, party and play the music you love, out loud.

The Artist Edition and Limited Edition UE BOOM Speakers start at $199.99 and can be purchased online at, and at the following retailers: Best Buy, Amazon, and Apple stores.

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